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A world without music – can you imagine it? We can't, not even a bit. For us, music is more than just an art form or simple songs you play. It is the energy-boosting source of inspiration that moves us throughout our day. 
Streetz was born in the Nordics 2011, inspired by our deep appreciation for music. The products are carefully developed to embody the Nordic design – our mission is to make music available for everyone! 
We put a lot of care into developing our products to ensure their high quality. That's why we are proud to offer a 5-year warranty on all our products. Letting you focus on what’s important to you. 

We are delighted that there are more people like us, who can't imagine a world without music. Our commitment to making your music available your way has resulted in us having a presence in more than 20 markets. But we won't sit still; how could we while music is playing? We will continue our journey and unite even more people through music.

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